Winter in Southern California

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Here in Southern California, winter generally means shorter days and longer nights, jackets instead of short sleeves and sometimes clouds and even a little rain.

This year has been different. We have seen A LOT of rain (for Southern California), cold temperatures (for Southern California) and even SNOW in our mountains and FROST on our lawns and cars some mornings.

What has this meant for our furry friends?

Though all animals with fur grow a thicker coat in the wintertime, if your dog or cat is generally an indoor animal then they, like us, will be cold when they go outside, especially if they are out for any length of time. This is the appropriate weather to break out those cute little doggie or kitty sweaters or coats, especially for our smaller or shorter haired friends.

Though dogs absolutely LOVE to play in the snow, if you decide to take a trip to the mountains with your pup, and are not familiar with snow and ice, be aware that dogs can get frostbite on the pads of their feet or noses or get injured by slipping, sliding or falling in the snow or on the ice just like we can. If you plan to be outside for an extended period of time or to make several trips to the snow with your dog, we would suggest that your look into snow booties to protect his or her precious feet.

Closer to home, we have had a lot of rain and it is still forecast for at least the next few weeks so some common sense suggestions for you and your pup are to time your walks (if possible) to when the rain showers have slowed down, keep towels by the door and on the floor for when you return to dry both yourself and your canine companion, and warm up the house a little before you go out so that it will be warmer to dry wet coats in or, if your dog doesn’t mind, even pull out the hair drier.

We are so spoiled here in Southern California. We seldom have ‘weather’ and its fallout to deal with so please take a moment to think about not only its effect on you but also on your pets.

Happy Winter!

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