Working in this industry, we fall in love with the animals and treat them as our own pets. I wanted to take a moment to honor a loved dog, Buster.


Buster was a bundle of love. I always looked forward to walking him those four times a week for the last six months. When I opened the front door Buster would run down stairs to greet me and cry for joy so loud that it sounded like he was injured. He just could not contain himself. And I could not contain myself either! I wrapped my arms around him while his tail wagged faster than a humming bird.

What did I do to deserve all this love? I just saw him yesterday, but it was like he hadn’t seen me in 10 years!

After he settled down — just a bit — he knew the routine. He would sit, look up at me with the sad eyes that said “Okay. I’m waiting. So, hand it over before I die of starvation!” I’d pull the dog treat out of my bag and tell him “Shake.” He’d stretch his paw out as if to reach for my hand and I’d give him his treat. “Good boy Buster!”

He’d breathe it right down while looking up as his eyes spoke again “Don’t stop now! Look how sad I look!”

Like putty in his paws I’d fall for his adorable face! He won AGAIN! 65b89388-0d3f-4ab3-9131-8ad2ced8325f

“Claudia, I’d say to myself, because I’d remember my name sometimes, are going to let him control you?” and I dared not to look in Busters eyes again or that’s it!

So, I’d show Buster my empty hands and say “No more Buster” and divert him by telling him “Let’s go for a walk” and put his harness on.

As soon as I’d open the front door and he’d spring into life. We were out on an adventure to see what’s up with the world and how we were going to be a part of it.  Nobody would know better than his nose!

“Which way do you want to go today Buster?”  He would zip along and walk me!

Calories burnin’, paws prancin’ … we were walkin’ down the road to yellow brick and sometimes brown brick, if there wasn’t grass, with a good supply of poop bags.

As we walked further down the line another dog appears. Buster see’s him and announces to the whole world “Here I am. I’m ready! Let’s go!!”

Buster pulls hard and I’m getting a good workout! Buster had a real spirit. 47f08a40-92bd-418f-b4ca-aa69c526de8a

As I think about him being gone, my eyes start to drown through my tears and I see a rainbow. On the other side it’s Buster! He’s smiling and wagging his tail. When he pants it sounds like he’s saying “Thank-you!”

The world could beat me up but Buster accepted me with love that was totally unconditional. He was a precious little angel who filled my soul with comfort and peace. Buster was blessing and he will always be in my heart.


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